Insurance Companies Search Social Media

Policyholders are human and social media has really become a way of life.

One of the first things people do after an auto accident is to post photos on social media.  But consider this: insurance companies are using information gathered from your social media to look for information they can turn into a red flag or a reason to delay or deny your claim.

Even if you don’t post one thing about your loss, you may still be under fire by your insurance adjuster about posts placed on the Internet regarding your social activities.

When insurance companies are questioning insureds in a recorded statement, during an initial claim intake or interview, or at examinations under oath, they have already done a detailed evaluation into your public profiles.

To really grasp the power and the magnitude of how posting rants and photos can affect your insurance claim, you would really need to think about what an insurance company would be looking at on your social media accounts that have nothing to do with your current claim. Here is the short, non-inclusive list

  • Posts about purchase or inheritance of items
  • Posts about marital trouble
  • Posts about financial trouble
  • Your vacation photos
  • Posts about spending money on things perceived to be an extra or an unnecessary item
  • “Check in’s” at various locations, shows your whereabouts, habits and gives some insight into your spending.
  • Posts about arguments with the family

You never know when you are going to suffer an accident or sudden property loss, but keep your eyes open and understand what “research” is happening on the mobile device of the adjuster before they speak to you.

Don’t delay. Contact us today if you have had an accident or property loss.  Please, don’t give a recorded statement until you know your rights.