Business Interruption Claims

Whether from a fire, water or even burglary your business will feel the loss of income from these interruptions. 

When this happens the request to the insurance provider is simple: Pay me for the sales I would have had.  But this is anything but a simple request for the insurance provider.  You, as the business owner, must now show the sales that you would have had, the projected or estimated amount is a challenge to prove.  With the need to prepare documentation showing this years projected income verses actual income, as well as the past years growth percentages, it can cost you time and income to meet the challenge. 

Once the documentation challenge is met, it should be a simple matter of payment. But this simplicity is deceptive. Business interruption claims can become more difficult and even contentious in circumstances where differences of interpretation emerge about the reliability of projections or the meaning of policy provisions. A successful claim entails maneuvering through the gray areas inherent in business interruption, including financial projections, consumer demand, and policy interpretation, to reach a number that's reasonable, credible, defensible, and well-supported.

A business owner's success depends on understanding the business interruption language in the Policy. Your job is to run your business, let us help you succeed with a fair resolution to your claim. 

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