Central Florida Business Interruption Claims

Business Interruption Insurance Claims

As a business owner, you understand how important it is to honor your promises to your customers. So you have a unique appreciation for the claims that result when an insurance company fails to honor its promise to you.

Insurance can be confusing. Often, insurance policies overlap and relate in complex ways that may result in providers being careless when investigating a claim or in a carrier pointing at another insurance company instead of honoring its promise. This carelessness can result in a denial or underpayment of the full insurance claim. 

“Business interruption” insurance provides money for lost income during the time required to repair physical damage resulting from a burglary, hurricane or other disaster. Business interruption insurance is intended to ensure that the business receive the amount of profit it would have earned had there been no interruption of the business.

Our firm understands how business interruption insurance can make the difference between being able to rebuild your damaged company and having to close your doors for good. If an insurance company is denying, delaying or disputing your business interruption insurance claim, putting an experienced insurance dispute attorney in your corner may be what you need to save your business. 

We’re here to Help put your business back to work.