Central Florida Life Insurance Disputes

Life Insurance Disputes

The grief and pain of a loved one's death can be compounded by the actions of an insurance company that fails to pay a valid life insurance claim. 

Life insurance companies may delay payment unreasonably, whether they are waiting on a death certificate, investigating the claim, or reviewing the policy.   

Denial of life insurance may also happen unreasonably when life insurance companies try to save money on an exclusion which may not even apply. If you believe your life insurance company denied payment of life insurance benefits and you are entitled to receive the money, we may be able to help. 

The loss of a loved one can be hard enough to deal with, but when a loved one dies leaving life insurance proceeds to their beneficiaries and the life insurance company delays or denies payment, there can be a devastating financial burden on the deceased person's family.

We’re here to Help you receive the benefits your loved one intended to provide you with.