Central Florida Property Damage Insurance Claims



Homeowners pay expensive insurance premiums to ensure the safety of their property. Insurance companies should honor their clients with appropriate evaluations, payments and service. Homeowners insurance will cover any of the following:

• Theft or burglary; 

• Fire damage & loss; 

• Roof damage; 

•Water damage; and

•General property damage & loss

Damaged or lost property can have negative effects on individuals and families if they do not receive the insurance coverage they paid for and expected.  

Legal actions are often initiated against insurance companies when their valid claims are denied, reduced, paid out at a lower than expected level, or even been completely ignored. These actions are unacceptable.

As an insurance lawyer, I can help you fight to receive proper insurance compensation from your insurance company.  I understand that receiving low payments or being given the "runaround" can cause serious stress and financial strain and be difficult to deal with.  My firm will look through all of the details, including every line of your homeowner's insurance policy to determine what options you have available.  

We’re here to Help restore your home to its previous condition.